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Coldbrew Tutorial

Coldbrew Tutorial

You can prepare beautiful Coldbrew Matcha in about 20 seconds, or even less once you've made a few - here's how you do it.

Step 1 

Start with icy cold water.


Step 2 

Pour it into the bottle, leaving an inch or two of headspace.


Step 3 

Add matcha -- 1 rounded teaspoon per 16 oz water. Add more matcha if you like a thicker taste.


Step 4 

Shake! As hard as you can for a good 10 seconds.


Step 5 

Hold the bottle an angle and rotate it -- you'll see matcha crema begin to build.


Step 6 

You're done! Drink it right from the bottle or pour into glasses (or, if you're getting fancy, into a carafe).