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Blend 93

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The perfect entry-level hyperpremium matcha; that is, it's got lovely umami, has a vibrant, emerald color, has very little bitterness or astringency, and has a nice, long finish that leaves a sweet and delicious aftertaste in the mouth (and also makes the breath fresh and sweet).


Tastes like a combination of barely-cooked asparagus, baby summer squash, and oceanic brine, all steeped in an earthy mellowness.


A tremendous value at this price. From Uji, Kyoto, Japan.






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Customer Reviews

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    Posted by Debora on Apr 20, 2019

    I enjoy this hot by itself and sometimes with almond milk hot and cold. Excellent value. My favorite is # 97 so far, but for everyday 93 is a betterPrice point. Its creamy no bitterness, impressive.

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    very good value

    Posted by a on Apr 13, 2019

    I can only compare with Breakaway's Blend 95 and cheaper, non-Breakaway matcha. Compared to other brands, this is a far far better value and experience. Compared to blend 95, this is good, blend 95 is better; this is cheaper, blend 95 is more expensive. I think the cost difference is justified. This is a good starting point to get an idea of what real matcha is supposed to taste like, but know that it gets even better with blend 95.

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    Great Start

    Posted by Kamran on Mar 5, 2019

    I've always liked matcha and considered it to be a treat. This blend opened me up to a whole new world of what matcha, good matcha, could be.

    Before trying this Blend I just sort of grabbed whatever kind of matcha was most convenient. Now I'm going out of my way to research matcha in order to find the most interesting and full flavors. This is a great gateway matcha for anyone that wants to try something new or as a gift for someone that likes tea but hasn't experienced what good, solid, matcha really is.

    I highly recommend starting here if you're unsure what to try first. The test is full and rich. It also has a nice bite for those that like their matcha on the darker side. And the smell is absolutely incredible.

    After trying this I become determined to want to try everything Breakaway has to offer.

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    It is wonderful!

    Posted by lisa on Jan 30, 2019

    I love this matcha! I have also tried the cold brew single packets and I thoroughly enjoyed those as well. Eric suggested I try 93 because I like hot drinks. Hot or room temp. is my preference. I do love the convenience of the cold brew and I will continue to drink it---
    I just love to try different matchas and compare. I loved how satisfying both of the matchas were...I didn't feel the need to add any plant milk, perhaps a little stevia but that is it! Creamy and satisfying, not much bitterness at all. I think the 93 may have had a little less bitterness than the cold brew...perhaps how it was prepared. I think this is just the beginning of my Breakaway matcha tastings! I am excited to try more! Thank you!

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    Blend 93

    Posted by Lisa on Jan 29, 2019

    I am revising my previous review because I reread the instructions on how to make the perfect cup of Matcha. I was using too much water! With less water, Blend 93 is 100% smooth, sweet, vibrant with no bitterness whatsoever! No coconut milk, and it's creamy and so delicious! Good lesson learned. Follow the directions for best results!

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    Life Changer

    Posted by Lisa Jones on Jan 29, 2019

    Three weeks ago, I tried Breakaway Matcha at M.H. Bread & Butter in San Anslemo, and loved it. I ordered the beginners choice from Breakaway, Blend 93, right away. I have completely switched to drinking Matcha instead of coffee. The Blend 93 is smooth, bright and earthy. While I don't get the sweetener at M.H., I find the Blend 93 a bit more bitter than the blend they have there, but I still love it. I froth a bit of coconut milk to add to it. I'm already looking forward to trying different blends to find my very favorite, but highly recommend Blend 93 for price point and starting point. It's worked for me!

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    My first matcha. It takes a little getting used to but I’m enjoying it. Very smooth good flavor.

    Posted by Becky on Jan 27, 2019

    Will try others!!

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    Blend 93 is good for my Soul

    Posted by Jeffrey Carter on Jan 11, 2019

    I knew a Matcha that I enjoyed for years and it was indeed unique among Matchas. Then I met Blend 93.

    It was magnificent and felt a little bit decadent, so I decided to order a couple of jars to get me through the dreaded holidays and now that I've run out, I went back to that other brand. After all, I had two containers of it in my refrigerator. I had half a bowl of that stuff and I am clawing my way back to Blend 93. It really has ruined me for all others which, I am glad to have found my true love and all but, I had no idea it would be so forceful as this.

    Blend 93 costs $13 more than what I used to drink, but I say it's $1300 better. The taste is smoooooooth and inviting and the color is vibrant and just beautiful. I compared it to the other stuff side by side and it was a cruel thing to do, but I had to know. The other stuff looked yellow and maybe a little brown in comparison.

    I heart everything about Blend 93 - it's clean and very very satisfying. My morning bowl is absolutely one of the better parts of every single day. Good thing they ship it the same day! I will have espresso for the next day or two until my Blend 93 arrives and I will just toss that other stuff out. There's really no point in keeping it.

    I have had several flights covering most of the other Hyperpremium Blend options and I'm just floored at how delicious and really, how different they all are. That's the best way to discover all of the incredible offerings of Breakaway Matcha and selling it like that is really smart.

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    Blend 93

    Posted by Susan Fettig on Dec 12, 2018

    The Blend 93 is great, very mild. I've been drinking it with frothy toasted coconut/almond milk. This is the most expensive matcha I've bought but I'm tempted to try some of the others, I'll decide when I'm closer to reordering. Thanks Eric, and to all your team as well, for bringing really good matcha to our doorstep.