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Blend 97

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Similar body and texture to Breakaway Blend 99, color is wildly vibrant. Mouth entry is wondrous and seamless. The tea is sweet, with no trace of bitterness (this is rare in the matcha world). Clean and harmonious. It's surreally good, better than anything we've ever tasted with the exception of the 99 and 100. The crema is rich, thick, and delightful. If you've never tasted the 99 or 100, you would swear that matcha couldn't possibly get any tastier. A fantastic bargain given the quality. From Ogura, Uji (Kyoto),Japan's oldest and most distinguished matcha appellation.



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Customer Reviews

  • 5

    Blend 97 is a bowl of heaven

    Posted by Jeffrey D on Mar 21, 2019

    By purchasing the 100g bag instead of the 30g jar I saved enough to upgrade to Blend 97. It's a little bit of green sunshine I look forward to every morning.

  • 4

    Blend 97

    Posted by Suzanne on Feb 18, 2019

    I tried several brands of Matcha and had to choke most of them down. Awful stuff. Then I did some research and found Breakaway Matcha. I tried a flight and was stunned at the difference between quality Matcha vs the stuff in grocery stores. The 97 blend is my favorite for the price. It is super smooth with a wonderful earthy finish. If you meditate, have a cup before you begin. Cheers!

  • 5

    Other matchas should be green with envy

    Posted by Jacqueline on Jan 20, 2019

    I've been drinking matcha regularly for about three years now, as a replacement for my morning coffee. I'm kind of addicted to matcha, especially those from Breakaway. I've tried 93, 94, 97, 99 and 100. ALL are great. I prefer 94 for my everyday cup (its more affordable for me as I drink a few mugs) and 97 is my afternoon, special treat.

    97 is a high quality tea, with an intense green color, a wonderful real matcha grassy smell and it's smooth. It's what I think good matcha should be when I see it, smell it and taste it. It hits my senses in the right way. I'm not an expert on umami, I just enjoy drinking matcha everyday and I really, really like this one a lot! Try it.

  • 4

    Good but not great matcha

    Posted by Casey on Jan 19, 2019

    I enjoy the effects of this matcha more than the taste. Found the taste kind of flat and lacking complexity with bitter taste in the finish. The 98 is superior in every way to the 97 for just a little more money. The 95 is comparable and cheaper. Has a nice matcha high but not much else compared to the other blends. Sadly I went with the 100g amount based on other reviews. LOL

  • 5

    Blend 97

    Posted by loraine on Jan 15, 2019

    My consistent favorite- easy to drink- I even travel with my macha kit....

  • 5

    Blend 97

    Posted by cale nichols on Nov 10, 2018

    This is my treat to myself. A good matcha every morning! It’s smooth, no bitterness at all, fairly creamy. Breakaway is the best for sure!

  • 5

    Thoughts from a newbie

    Posted by Ingrid on Jun 16, 2018

    (I am completely new to matcha. I ordered a flight of Blends 97, 99, 100, and Daphne to try them out; so these are the impressions of someone with no previous matcha experience. I gave them all 5 stars, because they're all good; my preferences come down to personal taste, I think.)

    Now that that's out of the way...

    Of the four I tried, 97 tastes the most like steeped green tea. It's vegetal in a cooked-greens kind of way. The finish is unexpectedly sweet, like literal droplets of sugar water materializing on my tongue.

    Perfectly drinkable, but too much of a dried-leaf flavor for me.

  • 5

    can't go wrong

    Posted by Leah Kim on Oct 20, 2017

    I am obsessed with all things Breakaway Matcha... Blend 97 is one of the easier / smoother ones in my opinion, especially if you find matcha to be too intense sometimes. I wish I had a library full of all the Blends!

  • 5

    97 was smooth!

    Posted by Mary Handley on Aug 13, 2017

    This blend was especially smooth in taste to me.
    I have loved all that I have tried. Will continue to order this exceptional Matcha.