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Coldbrew Original

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Umami galore makes this remarkable tea taste sweet. Has a creaminess that almost tastes milky, and, when properly prepared, creates a crema not unlike a Guinness draft. Has a long, beautiful finish. Produces a very clean energy that leaves you feeling sated, your stomach feeling jubilant, and your brain feeling optimized. An incredible value for a really tasty matcha.


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Customer Reviews

  • 5

    Coldbrew original

    Posted by Sherri Deman on Aug 14, 2019

    I have been purchasing the coldbrew original for many years & it tastes amazing!!! So smooth & creamy tasting & soooo yuuuumy!!!

  • 5

    Better than expected !

    Posted by Vicki on Aug 11, 2019

    This is my first time trying Coldbrew Matcha. I mixed it with coconut water and ice. The taste was so beautifully creamy that I cannot wait to try some additional blends.

  • 5

    Coldbrew Original

    Posted by Helay on Aug 7, 2019

    This Matcha is delicious and I use it to make a cold matcha latte with a recipe from nomnompaleo. So good!

  • 5

    Refreshing & Reinvigorating

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 6, 2019

    Absolutely delicious and ceremonial grade Matcha. I didn't realize until now the how much less fresh the previous matchas I was drinking were.

  • 5

    So refreshing!

    Posted by PENNY RUGG on Aug 2, 2019

    I am addicted to this tea. It’s refreshing and never bitter. I love a glass every morning to get a jumpstart on my day. I didn’t understand what “calm energy” was until I tried it. Never have the jitters or trouble sleeping like I did with other teas.

  • 5

    Posted by Jude on Jul 28, 2019

    This is Awesome stuff. Smooth creamy! Have it Every afternoon. It gives me a clarity boost, not buzz like a high test coffee. Like Summer yoga in a glass. A must try matcha.

  • 5

    Liquid Refreshment

    Posted by Nancy McCumber on Jul 27, 2019

    I love how refreshing the cold brew. Such a clean taste, so smooth. There is no bitterness. Will be one of my go to beverages when warm out or just need a cool healthy beverage.

  • 5

    Coldbrew matcha

    Posted by Barbara on Jun 25, 2019

    I've been drinking Breakaway Coldbrew Matcha for several years and can't start my day without it. I especially love the single serving packets that make it a breeze to take this delicious beverage with me wherever I go.

  • 5

    Breakaway Organic Culinary Tea

    Posted by Sue on Jun 23, 2019

    This tea is wonderful. I am addicted to it! The company is fantastic--tea came immediately. This is the only tea I will buy.