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Matcha and Coffee — Sort of Like Cats and Dogs

By Eric Gower May 22, 2013

Matcha and Coffee — Sort of Like Cats and Dogs

I’ve never understood why people ask, “Are you a cat person or a dog person?” Why the dichotomy? Isn’t it possible to love both? Of course it is; I have a special thing for both.

It’s the same with matcha and coffee. People seem amazed when I tell them that I still drink coffee, as if one must be consumed at the exclusion of the other. I like both!

Yes, the role of caffeine is a lot gentler with matcha, matcha doesn’t make you jittery, and matcha doesn’t create a cortisol/adrenaline spike. There are dozens of other comparisons that leave matcha the clear “winner” when it comes to health reasons for drinking either one.

But man does great coffee taste good sometimes, when done right and when you’re in the right mood. Then again, so does great matcha! You see?

I have drastically reduced my coffee consumption over the years, and will likely continue to do so. Assuming it’s from a quality roaster, I can’t even really tell much difference between regular and decaf these days, so I’m just as happy to drink decaf for all the epicurean fun and no hypercaffeinated downside.

If you love both matcha AND coffee, welcome to the club!

Eric is the founder and chief matcha evangelist at Breakaway Matcha. He's also an author, ghostwriter, editor, cooking instructor, and private chef. For 16 years, he lived and worked in Japan, where he took deep dives into all things matcha, food, literature, arts, and culture. Eric is the author of three cookbooks: The Breakaway Cook, The breakaway Japanese Kitchen, and Eric's Kitchen. He lives and works in Marin County, CA.