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Matcha Travel Roll

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We've finally designed the perfect travel kit, and it is gorgeous -- it holds your matcha, and all the tools you need to make a perfect cup on the go. These exquisite travel rolls were made for us by the ingenious Tilden Yamamoto, in Oakland, California. Tilden sources his fabrics from heritage textile mills in America, Japan, and Europe, and all his products are 100% vegan. Each item is hand cut, one at a time.  He sews each piece using only an antique, single needle, straight stitch Singer sewing machine.

The quality of these rolls will blow your mind; they feel durable, without sacrificing elegance. The materials featured include: a Japan Nisshinbo Mills denim exterior, cross indigo chambray lining, indigo herringbone trim, vintage pinstripe 1/2” bias binding, and a black-fade to brass snap closure. There are pockets for a 30g jar of tea, a frother, a scoop, a sieve, and extra pockets on the ends to hold single serves, a tea towel, or whatever you think you'll need.

Care instructions: With any luck, you'll be able to keep your travel roll clean simply by spot cleaning as needed, but just in case you manage to get it really dirty, here is how to clean it. The ideal method - to keep the integrity and character of the fabrics, wash flat, with cold water and a gentle detergent in a sink, pushing water through without scrunching it up too much, and then hang dry. Second best method - wash cold with gentle detergent in your machine, delicate cycle, and hang dry.

Empty, rolled, they measure 2"H x 5"W x 11"D

Empty, unrolled, they measure .19"H x 29"W x 11"D

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Customer Reviews

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    Great but not perfect

    Posted by Anthony on Jun 3, 2018

    At first let me say I have been waiting for something like this and wow did they make a beautiful travel kit. The craftsmanship is above par and the choice of materials are amazing. My one small gripe is that if you choose to put a tea towel in the side pocket and something in the opposing pockets it makes it difficult to get it buttoned up. They should have made the closing mechanism/button adjustable to allow for added storage. I really wasn’t trying to over stuff it and still had a difficult time getting it buttoned up. But overall it is wonderful I I would recommend it,