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Piper Blue

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Matte speckled blue beaker, created especially for us by ceramicist Piper Christine of Thermotrope Pottery, with her signature "cowbird" glaze that resembles a wabisabi robin's egg! 4" tall, 2.5" diameter. Made in Oakland, California.

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Customer Reviews

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    Posted by Nancy McCumber on Jul 27, 2019

    The mug is beautiful to look at. Has a wonderful feel when holding. I keep my scoop, sieve and whisk in the mug so everything is ready and together. It adds to the pleasure of mixing and sipping the matcha. The delicate blue contrasts perfectly with the bright green on the matcha. So glad that I decided to go all out and get this mug.

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    What it says on the tin

    Posted by Ingrid on Jul 11, 2018

    Beautiful, sturdy, well-made. The speckles are less prominent on mine than in the picture - not a criticism, just an observation. Handmade items will obviously vary a bit.

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    deceptively sturdy robin's egg beauty

    Posted by megan d on Apr 19, 2017

    i wasn't sure i wanted to order this tumbler because in the pictures i thought it looked a bit delicate for actually frothing in. i was wrong. it is plenty strong and the gorgeous robin's egg glazing is very soothing to look at and feels nice in the hand. another win from breakaway matcha.

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    I Love My Piper

    Posted by Sheryl on Apr 18, 2017

    I've been wanting to buy one of Eric's ceramics for awhile now, and this new one really caught my eye! It is beautiful to look at, very smooth and wonderful to hold, including being a perfect size. The color is really nice to my eye and it is equally beautiful inside! The bright green matcha against the blue really enhances my matcha experience; I just love this Piper!

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    My first matcha cup

    Posted by Lincoln Kendall on Apr 13, 2017

    I've had a matcha bowl that was purchased for me in japan and that has been amazing. I decided recently i wanted to try a mug style matcha experience and this has been a beautiful addition to my tea collection.