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luminous, silken, cloud-like

$3.63 / serving

The first thing you notice upon tasting is the creamy body and silky smooth mouthfeel. The color is a hallucinogenic bright green. This blend has sweet aromas redolent of fresh young grass, young bamboo, raw sugar, and chlorophyll. It has the ethereal vegetal notes of just-picked asparagus and sweet peas on the vine, balanced by earthier, umami-laden undertones of perfectly grilled mushrooms. 

The catechin-rich treble notes on the finish are long and remarkable; it keeps delivering these sweet flavors long after it's swallowed. 

Origin: Nishio, Aichi Prefecture (near Nagoya), Japan. Very pristine environment, incredible terroir. 

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You definitely need tools!
Perfect coldbrew everytime
The ideal way to store your matcha
The ideal way to store your matcha