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Do You Care?

Do You Care?

Well, one month of this new year has just vaporized already.

Did you make any resolutions?

We want to lose weight, we want to exercise more, sleep better, have a better diet, have better relationships … but so many of us wind up stopping those well-intentioned things and reverting back to our old habits.

Why does this happen?

I’m on a lifelong quest to improve my sleep (the Oura ring is great for this), to eat better/healthier, to exercise daily, to improve overall fitness, to deepen relationships … I try to make genuine and conscious tiny steps toward each of those, ideally daily.

I care.

And yet: I often don’t! I just aim for a high batting average. I know I’ll eat some irresistible junk occasionally (ok I have my dirty little secrets), I’ll stay up later than I should (often falling down some strange Twitter rabbit hole), I’ll flop on the couch with a raised pillow for a “meditation,” I won’t do my part in making cherished friendships better ….

So the question we have to ask ourselves is, “Do you really care?" If you really do, you’ll know. If you sort of want to want to care, but don’t actually care, you’ll know that too. The point is to be brutally, hellishly honest about what you actually care about. And don't care about.

Answer that and maybe we get the keys to the kingdom. Once we know what we really care about, we’d be justified in declaring victory.

“Remembering the most important thing is the most important thing.” - Shunryu Suzuki

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