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Happy Today

Happy Today

It's an ancient and utterly unoriginal thought, but it bears repeating anyway: the journey is the destination.

We all work so hard to "arrive" -- getting the diploma, the raise, the house, even the literal vacation.

What do they all have in common? When we arrive, it's over pretty much immediately. There is no lengthy basking -- our brains won't let us. We immediately move on toward some new destination, even when we've just arrived!

It seems trivial -- but deep -- to say that the quality of the journey must be more important than those fleeting moments when you actually appear to reach your destination.

This means that some 99.9999% of life is the journey. Virtually all of your life is a process of problems and entropy arising. This will never, and indeed can never, stop. Life hands us problems, and we do our best to meet them.

So, doesn't it make sense to cultivate an inquisitive frame of mind in which you continually solve these unceasing issues? Doing this -- or not doing it -- will determine the quality of your life.

It seems like the biggest mistake we can make -- one that we truly can't afford to make-- is to imagine your happiness can wait until after you've solved all your problems. Happiness won't come then -- it can't come then. So we might as well be happy today, in this moment. It's the only moment we really, actually have. Right?

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