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Do you ever pride yourself on being a good listener? I know I do. And the sad truth is that I kinda suck at it.

Well, not suck, but …. Do I often:

  • formulate my own responses while the person I’m talking with is talking? Yes.
  • form conclusions and judgments about the person’s intent while they’re talking? Yes.
  • hink about other stuff while they’re talking? Sure.
  • interrupt? Sadly, yes.

Engaged listening is hard. I’m trying to get better at it.

But the good thing about knowing you’re needing improvement in some area is that, with some practice, you can catch yourself in the act; you have to wake up, in real time, in vivo. And that’s the cue to start listening in earnest.

Listening is magic.

It’s amazing what happens when you fully do it, and stop doing other things.

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