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A quick note to wish you, and everyone who matters to you, a two-week long period of bliss-ish relaxation. Yes it’s busy, yes it’s crazy, yes it’s stressful.

And yet, we can find small moments — sometimes as little as five seconds is all it takes — of calm and simple acceptance of how things are. You just have to literally stop, full stop, a few times throughout the day. Just relax into the body and begin noticing body stuff like breath and contact with the ground (or chair).

If you keep looking out for these five-second timeouts from the ride, you’ll find them — they’re there for the taking literally every moment of the day and evening.

Sometimes they stretch themselves out to 10 seconds before we get swept away in thought.

You might even do a few minutes of this “wake up and rest” state. And who knows, you might find yourself looking forward to doing this randomly throughout the day. Each one is different, yet they all embody a similar "just this" state. Desires and self-referential thoughts are basically put on pause. They are, of course, always paused, in some sense -- we just remember to do it.

It feels great to get off the ride, however temporarily, in this manner.

"Remembering the most important thing is the most important thing." (Shinryu Suzuki)