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Ten Beautiful Ways to Gift Matcha this Holiday Season (plus Stocking Stuffers!)

You love Breakaway Matcha, it’s the holidays, and you have a gift list a mile long -- your next step seems obvious, but in case you're stuck, here are ten suggestions to help you along the way to a relaxed and bountiful holiday season!


Give the same gift to everyone 

It may sound odd, but giving a variation of the same thing to everyone on your list is a fun (and efficient) way to manage your holiday stress. Select a beautiful handmade tumbler and pair it with a delicious jar of matcha, customizing your choices for each person.


Keep it simple...

...with our pre-assembled Selected Sets. With each of our sets, we’ve gathered together everything needed for an optimal Breakaway Matcha experience:

  • The Coldbrew Bundle has everything needed to enjoy the wonders of coldbrew matcha; 100g of the Coldbrew blend of your choice, our large black-violet glass jar for matcha storage, a Coldbrew shaker bottle, a bamboo matcha scoop, and our custom designed tea towel.
  • The Matcha Flight Kit is a pack of 4-gram jars in the four Hyperpremium blends of your choice, a matcha tea tool kit and our gorgeous Ypres tumbler, for an immersive Hyperpremium experience.
  • The Serenity Set consists of a 30g jar of the Breakaway Matcha blend of your choice and all the tools needed for making a perfect cup, plus our custom designed tea towel.



Bump it up a notch

Add a  tumbler to our Serenity Set, combine a 250g bag of Culinary matcha with our Extra Large Glass Storage Jar, or give the best of everything Breakaway Matcha has to offer  - a jar of our exquisite Blend Daphne, a handmade Standhardt tumbler in red or white, a custom tool kit with an Aerolatte frother, the sumptuous Sabun Kubo scoop, and an elegant Komakai Hammered Sieve. Add a locally made linen tea towel by Studio Patro, and you'll create the ultimate matcha experience.


Tea for two

For the happy couple! Choose two tumblers that pair well together (such as Fayt Honey and Fayt Grooved), one of our delicious blends, and a tool kit.


The complete Breakaway Matcha experience

Invite your loved one over for a cup of matcha and send them home with their own  Serenity Set. Or turn them on to the bliss that is Coldbrew matcha with a Coldbrew Bundle.



Matcha and the great outdoors

Take your giftee on a special hike, or perhaps a kayak ride or sail on the bay, or maybe even just a picnic in the park. Include Coldbrew as the refreshing beverage of choice and give them a Coldbrew Bundle of their very own when your adventure is over.


Enhance a holiday gathering

Invite your friends over for a holiday meal and place a jar of one of our blends at each place setting as a gift. Pair the featured matcha with a decadent chocolate treat as one of the courses of your special dinner.


Matcha and cookies

B ake your favorite holiday cookies - we recommend classic snowballs, benne (sesame) wafers or brownies. Pack them up in a beautiful tin and include a jar of matcha to go with them.


Say it with chocolate (and matcha!)

Make Eric’s Matcha Truffles by the dozens, package them up in clear cellophane bags and tie with a red ribbon to keep with the classic red and green theme. Hand them out to everyone you know!


For the cook

Bundle together Breakaway Culinary matcha (or Culinary Organic!), a Studiopatro linen tea towel, and an elegant Komakai Hammered Sieve to finish it off.

Stocking stuffers:

  • Purchase a flight (four 4-gram jars) and slip one jar into the toe of each of your loved one's stockings. Make it extra special and include a bamboo scoop.