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Press Pause

Press Pause

OK, a little over two weeks left in the year. Wow.

So much happening in these final weeks. Family, parties, shopping, gifting, cooking, cleaning . . .

Still, there's a lot of space between those things. So many things arising at once, but it's these liminal moments in between activities where, if we can somehow remember to remember, we can pause.

Why consciously pause? Because it refreshes us, and wakes us up. We come out of a pause better off. And we remember to enjoy our limited time.

There's the pure gratitude of noticing what's right: the tree, the cooking aromas, the music Daphne plays (her tastes are changing rapidly -- just turned 13!), the pleasure of running Breakaway Matcha and getting to write notes like this to people who actually care.

Small pleasures everywhere. They're everything. They're free, they work, they put you in a good mood, they're delightful. All it takes is remembering to pause.

Give it a try -- it might even lead to the most appreciative and gratitude-filled holiday you've ever had.

Enjoy these next few weeks.

Sending love and warmth and gratitude to you. Peace!