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A Journey Into Rare Matcha

We're different from all other tea purveyors in that we are ultraspecialized. We go narrow and we go deep with a single focus: young-growth, extraordinary matcha. We drink it to become better versions of ourselves.

A New Identity

All From a Single Dream

We got inspired to create a whole new identity using 18th-century traditional kimono patterns.

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Matcha + Water + Nothing Else

Japan's most exceptional matcha is best enjoyed on its own -- no milk, no sweeteners.

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Free Shipping + Free Returns

We stand behind our teas and teaware, and want you to be not just satisfied with them, but thrilled. If for any reason you're not, just let us know and we'll do our best to make it right.

Truly Adore

I truly adore your matcha and have found no other company that comes close to the quality of tea, accessories, and education offered by Breakaway Matcha. Thank you for starting my mornings with a smile, powering me through the day, and traveling with me all over the world.

- Lisa R
Spoiled For Life

The color is a bright intense green but the aroma is a wonderful roasted nutty one. The taste? Creamy, sweet, floral. Then came the doubt about ever being able to go back to any other matcha ... I am now spoiled for life.

- Samantha S.
Devoted Fan Forever

At least once in a lifetime it should be mandatory to enjoy this unbelievable heaven-on-earth tea. Words cannot describe the ultimate sheer "luxury" I experienced. Thank you, for making this possible. I am a devoted fan forever & will not drink MATCHA unless it's from your company.

- Christine J.
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