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Matcha and Teetotaling, Part III -- Matcha and Aphrodesiacs!

Matcha and Teetotaling, Part III -- Matcha and Aphrodesiacs!

If Aphrodite -- the Greek goddess of love -- had a kitchen in the clouds, I am fairly certain that she’d be whipping up frothy green mugs of matcha, just like the rest of us plebeian instagrammers. Why matcha, you ask? According to the Greek origin myth, Aphrodite sprung up from sea foam, landing in her place among the other Greek Gods in the heavens. I believe matcha is the same deep green color found in the pristine waters of the ocean, with a silky smooth taste that would delight her. 

As a matcha drinker in the human realm, I am enchanted with the idea of being able to add an extra dose of love to my cups of green tea. In the spirit of Aphrodite’s magical powers, I have taken a few of my favorite aphrodisiac herbs and brewed them with Breakaway Matcha for a sip-able, sensual, and dropped-in experience.

In “ Teetotaling with Matcha pt.1”, I describe matcha as a delightful alternative to alcohol for those who refrain (or just need a breather) from booze. Matcha’s healthful qualities make it a fabulous social beverage, with its energy and mood lifting effects. In “ Teetotaling with Matcha pt.2”, I explore matcha’s friendship with Kava Kava to create the ultimate chilled out tea experience. In this third part of the series, I’ll explore the fun qualities of adding aphrodisiac herbs to your matcha making process, for a delicious, heart-centered potion.

What are aphrodisiacs?

Named after the goddess Aphrodite, aphrodisiacs are defined as substances that stimulate sexual desire -- but I believe they are more than just a means to an end. I enjoy drinking these herbs in tea form, and notice energetic, heart-opening sensations in my meditation, yoga, and dance practices. Aphrodisiacs are inevitably meant to be imbibed with a special someone to spice up an evening. But I also believe that part of their power lies in their ability to help cultivate self-love, and gives imbibers the gift of slowing down enough to really feel.

Aphrodisiac herbs are said to have physical properties that stimulate blood flow to the nether regions, tonify sweet spot tissues, balance hormones, increase fertility, and boost testosterone. These plants also have energetic qualities that can help support the nervous system by calming anxiety, pacifying racing thoughts, and helping to cultivate presence.

A few of my favorite aphrodisiac herbs:

Damiana (Turneradiffusa):

Damiana is known as the goddess of the herbs.This plant is a well-known aphrodisiac and nervine that soothes the nervous system. It seduces its consumers with its slightly sweet and earthy taste. Damiana acts as gentle mood lifter and melts your worries away.

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)

If you think this herb has a pretty ridiculous name, you're right. The tale behind its title is that a farmer noticed his livestock of goats and sheep were getting frisky after munching on some epimedium leaves. This herb helps get sensual juices flowing for men and women with its active ingredient, icariin, (a flavonoid which is a type of antioxidant).

Rose (Rosa rugosa):

Even though rose is not an official aphrodisiac, I feel that it plays an important role in nourishing the heart. This flower is undoubtedly the flower of love and is known to energetically balance the heart chakra.

Aphrodisiacs + Matcha

Since Breakaway Matcha is always a delight to drink, adding the aphrodisiac herbs makes it even more fun. These herbs turn up matcha’s existing relaxing, euphoric, and embodied traits and make for a slightly more sensual beverage.

I often enjoy sipping matcha with my sweetie before we head out for a night on the town, have dinner with friends, or head to an art show. For more low-key evenings indoors, I opt for a warm matcha and aphrodisiac beverage to help us melt away a busy day and drop us into our bodies. The damiana, rose, and horny goat weed swirl synergistically with the powdered green tea to channel Aphrodite’s sensual spirit. Connected conversations feel effortless and trading foot massages feels like a godly pleasure. Don’t be fooled, drinking aphrodisiacs and matcha in tea form is no Viagra; it is instead a much more subtle way to feel embodied and connected to yourself and your loved one.

This extra dose of love in your mug doesn’t necessarily have to be directed at dropping in with someone else. I also use my aphrodisiac and matcha tea to connect more deeply with myself through my yoga practice. On Sunday mornings, I find myself intentionally sipping Aphrodite’s matcha beverage from my favorite ceramic mug, turning on some of my low-tempo music, and letting my body flow. The best way to describe what movement feels like in that meditative state is yummy. After my hour-long yoga session I feel grounded, full of bliss, and ready to start my Sunday.

I can almost see Aphrodite, sitting up in the clouds, sprinkling her love magic down on the human world while sporting a frothy, green matcha moustache. Matcha and aphrodisiacs are a true match made in heaven.

Aphrodite’s Matcha Recipe

Serves 2

2tsp damiana

1tsp rose petals

2tsp horny goat weed

1 rounded teaspoon of Breakaway Hyperpremium Matcha

16 oz of filtered water

Boil water in a small saucepan. Once water is boiling, turn off the heat, add herbs and cover saucepan with a lid. Let steep for 20 minutes. Strain out the herbs and reheat the tea almost to boiling (not over 170F!), and follow the classic matcha making instructions, using the tea mixture as if it was your regular water, and serve in two mugs.

Iced version:

1 rounded teaspoon Breakaway Coldbrew Matcha

4 ice cubes

Instead of reheating your tea mixture, pour it into a quart sized mason jar and refrigerate for 2 hours or place in the freezer for 30 minutes until cold. When mixture is cold, add Coldbrew Matcha and ice, shake vigorously and serve.


The information above should not be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. All presented information is based on my opinion.

Horny Goat Weed is known to raise blood pressure, so if you have heart disease, are taking blood pressure medication, have diabetes, or have any other preexisting condition, please consult your doctor before consuming Horny Goat Weed.