Hyperpremium Tutorial

Hyperpremium Tutorial

Though it might appear complicated at first glance, trust us: it's way easier to make the perfect tumbler of matcha than it is to make good coffee!

Just follow the steps below.

Step 1 

Scoop 1g (or more) matcha into sieve.


Step 2 

Place sieve on tumbler.


Step 3 

Scoop 1g (or more) matcha into sieve.


Step 4 

Push the matcha through the sieve using the scoop


Step 5 

Pour 2 oz of hot water into the tumbler. Do not use boiling water!


Step 6 

Give it a swirl and then tilt tumbler and froth, while being careful to avoid touching the ceramic with the frother


Step 7 

Enjoy your matcha!