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Blend Rikyu Matcha

dreamy, electric, spellbinding

$4.30 / serving

This tea, whipped up thick, seems to send memory into overdrive; into a contemplative state. We think Sen No Rikyu, the most masterful and original matcha connoisseur in Japan's very long history of tea, would have marveled at its rich, umami-laden flavor, brilliant color, and ridiculously long finish.

This is dreamy tea that tastes beautiful in any concentration, thick or thin, and sates like nothing else. From Ujitawara, Kyoto.

And we can't help but love Rikyu even more after a comment from one of California's most distinguished tea teachers, Douglas Huskins, who said: "If Rikyu were alive today, I suspect his modernist approach to tea would look a lot like Breakaway Matcha's." 

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The ideal way to store your matcha