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Big Joy

Big Joy

Wow, just under three weeks left of 2020.

Here's my strategy, maybe you can find something worthwhile in it:

I'm going small.

Meaning: just noticing the many small, but great, things around me that bring me joy: I love our fresh xmas tree. The beautiful gingerbread house (even if it's just from Trader Joe's) Daphne just built. Persimmons everywhere in the kitchen. Curry simmering. The Beatles playing in the background (Daphne is obsessed with them). Even the satisfying feeling of cleaning up our messes and how nice it looks while I'm doing it.

There are a million of these. Can you find a few?

There is so much grace in them, in noticing them and dwelling in them. Some neuroscientists say it takes 12 seconds to fully drink in these things, for the neurons to really click and stick and move it all into longer-term emotional memory.

Seems right to me. I pause and breathe a few inhales and exhales as I notice these small pleasures that are constantly presenting themselves to me.

Give it try -- it might even lead to the most appreciative and gratitude-filled holiday you've ever had. It's free, it works, it puts you in a good mood (which others will notice), maybe just when you need it most.

Sending love and warmth and gratitude to you. Peace!