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In the end, what do we all want?

I'm convinced that, once all our basic needs have been met, the core component of a happy and fulfilled life is thriving relationships. We are social beings to the core --it's completely baked into our DNA.

Think of a few people who mean a lot to you, who you're close with. Just pause for a second while you bring one or two people to mind. Maybe you'll be spending time with them soon, maybe not.

Got at least one? Here's a guaranteed way to strengthen this relationship: you just have to resolve to be your best self around them. A clearer, more empathic, less-reactive version of yourself.

You have a finite number of encounters with this person, and this number just gets smaller as you both get older. You have NO idea how many more you have left. Each one is precious.

Is it possible to resolve--today, now --to be a better partner/friend/family member? You can remind yourself of this before every meeting with them. Never take them for granted -- you really don't know how many more times you'll see them.

And you want these people to be happy, right? You also want them to understand their value in your life.

These are your people, the ones who count. Will you see them again? Wouldn't it be better to resolve -- as in right now -- not to waste this opportunity to do everything you can to be your best self, for them?

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As I bury myself in my phone and let myself by pulled in, trance-like, to shiny digital objects, I try to remember the stakes in letting beautiful friendships go fallow. They're high. All I have is my attention in this seemingly rigged battle. Resolving to remember what brings joy and freedom -- my people.

Can you resolve to make these relationships better, deeper, happier? Doesn't it seem worth it?

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