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It's a brand new day, a new year, even a new life. A new beginning.

New beginnings are of course available to us at literally any moment; we just have to recognize that there's no better time to start again. Still, it's January 2022.

Just for fun, let's imagine this is early January 2023, one year from now.

Looking back at 2022 ... how was it? Did it just slip away, driven by its own momentum, like so many before it? Or did your conviction to live more fully aligned with your values and ethics make a difference?

Will your future self, the one looking back in January 2023, thank you for the actions you took in 2022?

I enjoy everything about resolutions. Except the not doing them part! So I'm going to keep mine really simple this year:

I'm going to burn 20% brighter.

What does that mean? Just that I'd like to be that much more present. For my daughter (she's 12!), my elderly mother, my friends, my colleagues, even people I don't know. To all beings, really, including myself. Twenty percent happier, kinder, more resilient, stronger.

And, above all, being 20% more aware of how brief this all is. Remembering, throughout the day, that our time here really is limited.

If anyone would like to join me, I'd be honored to not be doing this alone.

A toast and a blessing to you -- may we all thrive.

Eric Gower