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Happy new year!

I was struck by some advice I heard recently from a guy named George. George just turned 80. He said that when he wakes up each morning, he first expresses thanks that he's got another day. Then he presents himself with an a/b choice: he can either remember to be happy today, or be VERY happy today.

I've practiced this for the past week, and I'm happy to report how effective it is. Give it a try!

I'll add a few more things I'm focusing on this year:

  • Breathing. Deeply and mindfully. It really helps to try to notice mental states instead of reacting to them. Focusing on the breath at random times throughout the day snaps you to attention.
  • Being kind to everyone, but especially to myself. This is hard for many of us. But there's really no other way; we set the example with ourselves.
  • Forgive myself when I screw up the above, and just start over without judgement.

I'm also committing to not filling my day with distractions. I'm trying to relentlessly focus only on what's important. Work is important, but relationships are even more important. Matcha REALLY helps with this extra focus.

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