Good Prevails

Good Prevails

Like most kids, my daughter Daphne (12 soon! yikes) adores Halloween. Is there anything better than going nuts with costuming and getting rewarded for it with candy from people you don't even know? It's basically a night of reverse parenting! And super fun for us both.

My favorite part is just enjoying the whole parade of souls, clad in merrymaking and madness, and imagining what those people are really like. We're likely seeing part of their best side on Halloween; we're seeing play, fun, creativity, and sheer joy.

Underneath, those same people -- that is to say, us -- likely have sides of themselves that are shall we say suboptimal: maybe they spend a lot of time being caught up in their dramas of life. Some might even be mean, bigoted, jealous people. Such people do exist and always have existed.

But it’s important to remember that the majority aren't that way. Most people are good. Most love to laugh and enjoy the moment, and like seeing other people do the same.

So: difficult people exist, but they are relatively few.

Next time you meet one, you might try to remember to envision him or her as the child they were not that long ago. Somehow obnoxious children are much easier to forgive!

And ask yourself if a world without frustrating people is even possible; you'll quickly conclude that it isn't. The hard-to-deal-with person you just encountered is just one of a sea of people who aren't that way.

This is good news. I hope it's as comforting for you as it is for me.

And remember: no matter what happens, no one can take away your inner peace without your permission.

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