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The Green Lunch -- Matcha and Veggies

The Green Lunch -- Matcha and Veggies

As some of you know, before I started Breakaway Matcha I had a previous life as a cookbook writer. I still cook all the time, but I don't record what I cook now -- I just do it.

I've thought hard about publishing some matcha-related dishes in this Journal, but because we're so focused on hyperpremium and coldbrew matcha and wanted to explore so many other matcha-related topics, I just haven't had the time.

But as I eat my exceeding simple lunch at work, I am struck by its beauty and allure and wanted to share it.

The idea is this: green vegetables, good olive oil, salt, and pepper, microwaved. Yes, microwaved. Plus a half-liter of icy coldbrew matcha.

Naturally, you want the vegetables to be good vegetables (grown with some care, as close to you as possible). But even if all you can get is mediocre vegetables, it's still a great lunch.

If you want to up the nutritional content and anti-inflammatory properties of your simple lunch, add a little chopped fresh ginger and fresh turmeric (not powdered, the fresh root) to the broccoli in the beginning.

The basic version is below. Feel free to add other green veggies like chopped green beans or fennel or really any vegetable, including fresh corn, zucchini, sweet peppers, whatever. But try it like this first:

    • Fresh broccoli or broccolini, chopped however you wish

    • Frozen peas

    • Chopped fresh ginger and fresh turmeric (optional, but great)

    • Put all that in a ceramic bowl (or plate)

    • Drizzle with good olive oil, crack some good black peppercorns and sprinkle some good salt (I like sel gris from coastal western France, and the big salt flakes from Maldon and Scandinavia)

    • Cook for about two and half or three minutes, or until the broccoli softens to your liking

  • Add the peas, mix in with a spoon, add another quick drizzle of olive oil, dust with a little more salt and pepper, and cook for another two minutes or so

I like ever-so-slightly undercooked vegetables, almost like a lightly-cooked hot salad. Taste again for additional salt and pepper or additional oil. 

Optionally, squeeze some fresh citrus over the cooked veggies. If you're even more ambitious, zest the citrus first, chop it up, and sprinkle over the veggies just before serving.

If you really wanted to go all out, sprinkle on a medley of chopped herbs (thai basil and mint being especially good here) just before serving.

While it's cooking, prepare yourself a shaker of coldbrew (link).

The entire process takes less than five minutes once you get the hang of it, or about 10 minutes the first time.

I really like this as a take-to-work lunch. Everyone can easily find high-quality broccoli and organic frozen small peas, and good oil and good s&p. It's both filling and fulfilling. And you feel sated and wonderful for the rest of the day.