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Effects of green tea polyphenol on preservation of human saphenous vein

Effects of green tea polyphenol on preservation of human saphenous vein

Author: Dong-Wook Han and Young Hwan Park and Jeong Koo Kim and Kwon-Yong Lee and Suong-Hyu Hyon and Hwal Suh and Jong-Chul Park

The potential role of green tea polyphenol (GtPP) in preserving the human saphenous vein was investigated under physiological conditions. The vein segments were incubated for 1, 3, 5, 7 and 14 days, either after 4 h of treatment with 1.0 mg/ml GtPP or in the presence of GtPP at the same concentration. After incubation, the endothelial cell viability, endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) expression and the vein histology were evaluated. When the veins were not treated with GtPP, the viability of the endothelial cells was significantly reduced with the progress in the culture time, and none of the cells expressed eNOS after 5 days. Furthermore, severe histological changes and structural damage were observed in the non-treated veins. In contrast, incubating the veins after 4 h of GtPP treatment significantly prevented these phenomena. The cellular viability of the GtPP-treated vein was approximately 64% after 7 days, and eNOS expression was maintained up to 40%, compared to that of the fresh vein. The histological observations showed that the vasculature was quite similar to that of the fresh vein. When incubated with GtPP, the vein could also be preserved for 1 week under physiological conditions retaining both its cellular viability (61%) and eNOS expression level (45%) and maintaining its venous structure without any morphological changes. These results demonstrate that GtPP treatment may be a useful method for preserving the HSV.



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