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Limited Essential Collection - Ebon
Limited Essential Collection - Ebon
Limited Essential Collection - Ebon

Limited Essential Collection - Ebon

Get your Essential Collection with an upgraded ceramic

Everything you need to enter straight into matcha bliss.

Here's what's included:

  • 30g jar of the umami-filled matcha Blend 94

  • Custom designed powerful frother

  • Handcrafted purple bamboo scoop

  • Stainless sieve

  • Soft linen tea towel

  • Exclusive Ebon tumbler

In detail:

* 30g jar of Blend 94 -- this matcha is incredible. Smooth, vibrant, zero bitterness or astringency. Naturally and subtly sweet, with all the health properties you expect from shade-grown, first-harvest baby tencha leaves, freshly ground to an extremely fine powder. ($49 value)

* All the tools you need -- a custom ultra-powerful handheld frothing wand, a fine sieve that fits perfectly over the Slate tumbler (see below), and a traditional matcha scoop made from purple bamboo, which measures out the matcha and perfectly pushes it through the sieve. The whole bundle comes beautifully wrapped in a thirsty linen tea towel that gets softer with each use. ($29 value)

* Ebon tumbler -- a deep, matte black stoneware tumbler from Tel Aviv-based ceramicist Sharon Boneh Rokach. Minimalist and earthy; creates a contemplative mood when sipping matcha from it. ($59 value) 

Total value is $137.

This collection ships only to U.S. and Canada.

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