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Green Friday 2021

Here we go, blazing into that end-of-the-year sprint.

You will very likely encounter some stresses in the next four weeks; everyone around you will be trying to Get It All Done In Time. Everything speeds up. And it's very easy to get caught up in the pull of that vortex; you too have a lot to do before the year closes out.

But: always know that you can get off the ride at any time. You simply have to recognize/observe that it's happening and consciously take a step back.

The quality of the holidays will be entirely determined by the quality of your mind, and of your equanimity. See if you can remember, if only for a few moments, to relinquish your reactions to your experiences, simply by noticing those experiences as they unfold.

Internally wishing everyone well is a truly excellent strategy, I think; they too are caught up in the same vortex as we are.

No one can take away your inner peace without your permission, to paraphrase the Dalai Lama.

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