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We're convinced that we have the greenest pipeline into Japan's very best matcha, and that includes all of Japan's domestic market of matcha. We don't count matcha from other countries because they pale in comparison (to put it charitably) to Japan's domestic product in terms of quality and taste. 

After tasting anything in our lineup, we think you'll agree that this is the finest-tasting matcha you've ever encountered. 

"Finest-tasting matcha" is by definition highly subjective. You could have had a sublime experience drinking matcha in a zen temple in Kyoto, and swear that the matcha tasted there there was amazing and incredible, but it might well be that the experience is what was thrilling, and not necessarily the matcha itself. Note that public tea ceremonies in Japan do often serve quite inferior and inexpensive matcha (private ceremonies are a different matter altogether).

We taste everything blind, in both the spirit and techniques that sommeliers use to taste and rate wine, and then work with our growers to produce custom blends, always aiming toward brighter color, enticing aromas, more umami (one really can't have too much umami), superfine texture -- achieved through careful grinding on grooved granite wheels -- and a long, long finish. These are the holy grails of great matcha. 

If you can honestly say that you don't feel our matcha meets your standards, we'll happily make you whole and either give you store credit, refund your money, or send you something else that surely will. 

Many people who drink our matcha for the first time say something similar: "I had no idea matcha could taste this good -- I've been drinking terrible matcha, in retrospect."

We love working with sommeliers and chefs from the most lauded restaurants in California and beyond. They trust us, and you can too. 

So: if you're not satisfied -- or even delighted -- with anything that you purchase from us, I can personally guarantee that we will make you whole, in one way or another -- just contact us. It's really a no-lose environment for anyone interested in tasting Japan's very best matcha. 

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