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We Are Optimists

For the past month or so I've been working on something that might be fun to share.

It sounds crazy, but I've been trying to dig deeper into the question of WHY Breakaway Matcha even exists.

I've often (too often) thought about it in terms of results: a daily matcha habit tends to induce all kinds of beneficial things, things like improved concentration, flow experiences, a growing ability to pause in the moment, of catching yourself being lost in thought, high-density nutrition, good hydration, improved probiotic environment for better digestion, great dental health, etc.

All that good stuff. The kinds of things that often happen as a RESULT of drinking good matcha.

But, why, exactly, do we exist? Yes, it's a "right livelihood" for us, and provides a living, but that too feels like a result, and certainly not the primary reason we do this.

I think it's something like this: we're optimists, and we don't like to suffer.

Great matcha seems to amp up our inherent optimism somehow; life just feels better after a thick dose. And suffering decreases.

It's the ultimate Buddhist (metaphorical) pill, if you will: makes bodies and brains work better, and less suffering seems to be the result.

So that's the why: we want people to join us in suffering less. It might be as simple as that. I hope you will.

Let me know if this makes sense? Would love to hear your thoughts on it.