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Why You Should Avoid Milk in Your Matcha

Japan's most exceptional matcha is best enjoyed on its own -- no milks, no sweeteners.


Rare matcha is delicate; it gets overwhelmed by anything that’s added to it except water. The good news is that it tastes incredible on its own. There really is no need to add anything except water.

Drinking matcha for health reasons? Then you should definitely avoid milk. A key component of milk (casein) interferes with one of the healthiest components of matcha (polyphenols), and the result is that the good stuff in matcha basically gets nullified; all the goodies just flush through.

There's a large body of research that concludes that polyphenols play a significant role in preventing and reducing the progression of many diseases, including diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Polyphenols too play an important role by increasing the ratio of beneficial bacteria in your gut, which is important for health, weight management, and disease prevention.

You want polyphenols in your diet, and good matcha is chock-full of them. But if you put milk in your matcha you're taking away much of the goodness, so please stop doing that!

The key is to drink better matcha. You won't even miss the milk.

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