Anticoccidial effect of green tea-based diets against Eimeria maxima

Anticoccidial effect of green tea-based diets against Eimeria maxima

Author: Seung I. Jang and Moo-Hyung Jun and Hyun S. Lillehoj and Rami A. Dalloul and Il-Keun Kong and Suk Kim and Wongi Min

Anticoccidial effects of green tea (GT)-based diets were evaluated in chickens following oral infection with Eimeria maxima an ubiquitous intestinal parasite of poultry that impairs the growth and feed efficiency of infected birds. Five-week-old chickens were assigned to four groups (GT 0.5%, GT 2.0%, untreated/infected and non-infected control) and each group consisted of 15 chickens. Chickens were fed a standard diet supplemented with ground green tea for 2 weeks prior to infection with E. maxima (10,000 sporulated oocysts per bird). The effects of green tea on E. maxima infection were assessed by two parameters, fecal oocyst shedding and body weight gain. The green tea-fed chickens produced significantly reduced fecal oocysts (P < 0.05) when compared to the E. maxima-infected group fed standard diet. The green tea-based diet, however, did not improve body weight loss caused by E. maxima infection. This study is the first to demonstrate anticoccidial effect of green tea on Eimeriaparasites.



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