Tea and human health: The dark shadows

Tea and human health: The dark shadows

Author: Aditi Jain and Chanchal Manghani and Shrey Kohli and Darshika Nigam and Vibha Rani

Tea is one of the most popularly consumed beverage. Depending on the manufacturing process, different varieties of tea can be produced. The antioxidative and antimutagenic potential of tea in cardiovascular diseases, cancer and obesity have long been studied. These therapeutic and nutritional benefits of tea can be attributed to the presence of flavanoids. However, these flavanoids also have certain detrimental effects on human health when their consumption exceeds certain limits. The toxicity of these flavanoids can be attributed to the formation of reactive oxygen species in the body which causes damage to the DNA, lipid membranes etc. The aim of this review is to summarize briefly, the less studied evidences of various forms of toxicity associated with tea and its harmful effects on human health.



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